Tiff Needell

Tiff Needell has become a regular attendant of powerboat racing events and has even hosted the podium winner’s there trophies. The Hampshire born racing driver and television presenter is well known in the motorsports world.

With his long history of ups and downs in the motor sport world and constant work and reviews of the latest cars on shows such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear it’s hard to find someone who has more experience or knowledge than him.

Tiff Needell presenting podium winners their trophies.

Although Tiff Needell hasn’t competed in powerboat racing for a long time his knowledge and personality hold special place in events hosted around the country. As a teenager his father encouraged Tiff to race in powerboats, its been quite awhile since those times, but he has also driven boats during his time at Top Gear and Fifth Gear.

He regularly commentates the live events for Green Light TV and Sky Sports and pays close attention to the races as they unfold. With a host of upcoming racing events set for the future we can expect to see Tiff Needell return to the scenes!

His attendance at powerboat racing events has always been met with great applause. Its not everyday you have a celebrity cheering you on. His personality also crosses over into the sport; you will often find Tiff walking around, getting to know the drivers, mingling, creating a good buzz in the atmosphere.

Tiff Needell talking to young Powerboat racing drivers.

We are lucky and thankful to have an individual like Tiff Needell within our sporting community and hope this pushes our world to greater heights. Individuals such as Tiff always inspire the younger drivers, there is nothing more motivating than having a person who has won some of the worlds most challenging races coming and shaking your hand.

To read about upcoming events, races and other related news in the powerboat racing world visit our News and Calendar pages. Be sure to keep a look out for Tiff himself, he is a regular tweeter. Posting updates from the motoring scene around the world as well as his upcoming projects.


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