Power boats

F2 Power boats are some of the worlds most specially designed machines. Following strict regulations guarantees that each race will be filled with excitement and action. Where drivers have to work hard and prove themselves if they want to claim a spot on the podium.

There are two engines used in F2 power boats. The SST-120 Mercury and the OptiMax 200XS SST, each engine is able to propel driver and machine at an excess of 120MPH on the straights, producing around 225 horse power. Where as F1 power boats can reach capabilities of 400 Horse Power and speed of 240km/h roughly around 150mph.

F2 Power boats are bursting with power, with their large Mercury engines.

The specially designed hulls of power boats allows for almost instant turns, capable of incurring more G forces than any other racing sport current running. Hulls of the Formula 2 reach a minimum length of 4.8 meters with a minimum weight of 513kg this is including the driver.

With the power coming from these machines drivers must be focused and skilled to handle the forces at play. Trying to balance many factures during a race it only takes one mistake for a boat to turn into a plane. Power boats can be a very dangers machine and it only takes one mistake to cause an accident. However the hulls are designed to protect the driver from any collision that might happen, with air bags, break away fragments and made from carbon fiber they are built to protect the pilots.

F2 Power boats take off at Nottingham turning from Boats into Planes.

Recent additions have also seen boats installed with Crash Boxes for emergency situations.

With drivers starting in the smaller GP15 Power boats from as young as 9 years old, the sport is open to anyone. We see the younger drivers rise up through the ranks and when they reach eighteen often transcend into the bigger F2 boats.

Experience the thrills and spills of powerboat racing for yourself at the latest upcoming event. Guaranteed to be excitement all day, you will not be disappointed with the show.


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Driver Focus

Wayne Moyse Driver:
Wayne Moyse
  • Place of Living: Lowestoft
  • Race Number: 28
  • Racing Since: 2016
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Class Focus

  • CLASS: GT15
  • Engine HP: 15
  • Engine CC: 350
  • Engine Manufac.: Tohatsu, Mercury, Suzuki
  • Speed: 40+ mph
  • Hulls: L7,FSG,Winrace, CMS, Povvat
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