Tom Yallop

  • Driver: Tom Yallop
  • Located: Lowestoft, UK
  • Race Number: 71
  • Race Class:
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Tom Yallop
Tom Yallop Profile
Tom started racing at the end of 2010 in a J250 junior boat.

He gained a third place in the British Championships in 2011 despite missing a round of the championship.

He also won the UK Masters. In 2012 Tom went up a class to GT30 and managed a third place finish in only his second race at the recent Carr Mill National.
Tom\\\'s father Paul also actively races in the Outboard Hydro class.
Tom Yallop Achievements
6th RYA GT30 British Championship 2013
9th RYA GT15 British Championship 2013
6th RYA GT30 British Sprint Championship 2013
11th RYA GT15 British Sprint Championship 2013
3rd LPRC British Championship Round 2012
1st UK Masters Championship 2011
3rd JT250 British Championship 2011


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Driver Focus

Rob Vears Driver:
Rob Vears
  • Place of Living: Essex, UK
  • Race Number: 18
  • Racing Since: 2012
Driver Profile

Class Focus

  • CLASS: F4
  • Engine HP: 60HP
  • Engine CC: 850CC
  • Engine Manufac.: Mercury
  • Speed: 70+MPH
  • Hulls: Molgaard, Burgess, Hall, Gardin, Baba
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