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Entertaining, thrilling and exciting are just some of the words you could use to describe the national and world-class sport of Powerboat Racing.

With speeds potentially reaching in excess of 120+mph in the senior classes this action packed, water based form of boat racing is fast becoming one of the professional and popular forms of competitive powerboating.

One of the reasons for the sports huge success is the fact that most of it's disciplines are 'stock engine classes', and any tuning or modification to the original engines is strictly forbidden. This keeps the financial running costs to a minimum for powerboat clubs and teams as well as ensuring that success will come to the most talented and knowledgeable powerboat drivers.

Governed Nationally by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Internationally by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the Powerboat GP series continues to develop with rules introduced and modified to ensure that the discipline is as safe and fair as possible for all involved.

Compared to other forms of motorsport the Powerboat GP series has an extremely economical entry level & very affordable running costs. We cater for all ages with our youngest competitors being just 9yrs old and our oldest currently 68!

If you attend any of our Powerboat events you may happen to see motorsport enthusiast and journalist Tiff Needell. He is a keen Powerboat fan and has taken on the role of presenting many of the events that are to be shown on Sky Sports. For More Information About Tiff Needell Click Here

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Much like F1 Car Racing each powerboat class has a 20 minute slot to try and post the fastest lap times for the starting grid order for the 1st heat.


Competitors line up on the start grid with their engines switched off. The start countdown commences with a 1 minute & 30 second countdown. A set of red lights will come on and between 5 & 12 seconds after this the red lights will be switched off. When the lights go off the competitors will fire their engines and roar off towards the first turn whilst maintaining their lane position.


Each class races on a multi heat format over the two day event with the overall winner declared on accumulated heat points. The race is finished when the competitor's cross the finish line and take the checkered flag. Immediately after each heat the competitor's and their power boats are weighed. After the final heat the competitor's engines are subject to Technical Inspection to ensure class rule compliance.

With our sights firmly set on the future of Powerboat racing, Powerboat GP are committed to introducing new classes complying with EPA emission standards that are kind to the environment and have a sustainable future. In 2012 we are pleased to announce that over 50% of our competitors are 'green'.

Each year, an annual 6 round RYA Powerboat British Championship series is held at different venues across the UK and in addition, an international World and Continental Championship series is also held for the various powerboat racing classes.

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Like all other forms of motorsport Powerboat racing is no exception when it comes to penalties for the breach of safety regulations or good sportsmanship. Although sometimes harsh from a driver's perspective, the dreaded penalties are there to protect the drivers and ensure fair power boat racing.

The most common penalties that you may see issued at events are :

Not Maintaining lane to first turn buoy 1 lap or Disqualification
Missing Turn Buoy 1 Lap Penalty
Destroying a Turn Buoy Disqualification
Early or 'Jump' Start 1 Lap Penalty
Causing a red flag (Race Stoppage) Disqualification
Technical Infringement Disqualification
Dangerous Driving Yellow Card
Extremely Dangerous Driving Red Card


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Driver Focus

Colin Jelf Driver:
Colin Jelf
  • Place of Living: Kent, UK
  • Race Number: 4
  • Racing Since: 1980
Driver Profile

Class Focus

  • CLASS: GT15
  • Engine HP: 15
  • Engine CC: 350
  • Engine Manufac.: Tohatsu, Mercury, Suzuki
  • Speed: 40+ mph
  • Hulls: L7,FSG,Winrace, CMS, Povvat
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